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Izumo: Land of Gods, Myths, and Metals - From the prehistoric bronze bells of Kojindani and the tatara steel swords to the silver mines of Iwami

Simon Kaner, Great Britain

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Izumo: Land of Gods, Myths, and Metals

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Shimane prefecture in the western part of Honshu, Japan’s main island, has one of the richest histories, including the territory of what used to be known as Izumo.

This short essay introduces some of the highlights that can be enjoyed during a short visit, including the Izumo Grand Shrine, second only to the Ise Grand Shrine in significance, and the neighbouring Museum of Ancient Izumo, one of the very best regional museums in Japan, which presents the rich history and traditions of the region and makes an excellent jumping off point for further exploration. One way to experience Izumo is through the metal crafts that made Izumo so important for much of Japanese history: the bronzes of Kojindani and Kamoiwakura, the iron of the tatara furnaces, and the silver of Iwami.

Kaminone, Sound of God

A profound portrait [PDF/1,608 KB] of the Shimane flute master Hino Tatsuo. Starting with a detailed explanation of the yokobue transverse flute, the master expands his deep insights into Japanese wind instruments and his thoughts on East/West appreciation of sound.(✪ [PDF/1,608 KB])

Kaminone, Sound of God

Shimane - Hidden Beauty of Japan


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Stoke the Flames of Tradition on Shimane’s Iron Road

Alice Gordenker writes in The Japan Times on her recent trip to traditional steel making workshops in Shimane Prefecture ()

Stoke the Flames of Tradition on Shimane’s Iron Road

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