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Eating and Slurping in Osaka - Experiencing the diversity of food in Japan’s other great city

Barak Kushner, Great Britain

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Eating and Slurping in Osaka

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Japanese cuisine is now more popular the world over but there is still much to discover. Once considered so unique and even grotesque, it now dominates dishes around the world. But how much do we know about it and what should you eat when you visit?

okyo and Osaka differ in many ways – one of the most revealing of these differences is their noodle affiliation. Readers may already be familiar with Japanese noodles in broth, known as ramen, because it is now an international dish. But not everyone will know about Japan’s other key noodle dishes. There is a significant spread of udon restaurants in Osaka, a few of which are presented, with some potential noodle adventures and historical references briefly described so that readers can personally experience the digestive differences of eastern and western Japan.

For many ramen enthusiasts, this story can be read as a summary of the progress and expansion of modern Japanese cuisine.