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Okinawa’s Hidden Treasures - The Cultural and Material Legacy of the Ryuku

Caroli Rosa, Italy

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Okinawa’s Hidden Treasures

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Okinawa, 160 islands scattered across emerald waters in a subtropical region, preserves the heritage of its past as a kingdom that for centuries ruled most of the Ryukyu Islands and actively interacted with the surrounding countries, absorbing various influences and forging a unique culture.

Exploring the culture of Okinawa not only allows you to experience the life, taste and beauty of this region, but also to enter a microcosm where the past survives and reappears in countless different creative expressions, cultural practices and daily activities, where a great environment has been and continues to be the source of the basic elements of life and a source of creative and spiritual inspiration, and where thousands of anonymous sacred places and natural spots are hidden away beyond historical sites, museums, and monuments.