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Kagura: Theater of Tradition Amid Innovation - The day the world plunged into darkness and arose again in light

Dieter Georg Adlmaier-Herbst, Germany

  • Travel, Landscape
  • History
  • Arts, Architecture, Design
Kagura: Theater of Tradition Amid Innovation

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For Japan, as for any country, the preservation of cultural heritage remains a paramount challenge, especially in times of rapid change due to globalisation and digitisation.

Traveling through the coastal region of Shimane in the westernmost part of Japan’s main island, the author, an internationally recognized expert in digital communication and branding, studies the old Japanese theater style Kagura.
Many local ensembles still maintain their own approach and interpretation of Kagura stories – in music, movement, and stage design; these diverse local practices provide exciting visual material for reflections on how traditions give meaning to social interactions, provide support and orientation in a rapidly changing world, and how they evolve and adapt to modern developments.